Jun 30

Details, Details

Piecing together your life’s work

Magnifying glass image,  Career for ADHD AdultsArgh! Cringe. That is my first response to the word “details.” When I hear sayings like, “The Love is in the details”, the first thing I want to do is hire someone to take care of them …. Whatever they are!

Yet when it comes to piecing together the elements that will ultimately lead to your next career direction, details do matter. And, it is the details that get overlooked on critical decisions like choosing your best possible career path.

As a member of the Profinder network on LinkedIn, I have noticed a distinct pattern in the requests for career coaching.

  • Finding a job with no defined direction (and no request to explore options)
  • Preparing for the interview – with no defined direction
  • Help to get “pointed” in the right direction
  • Lowering of expectations after an absence, layoff, with no real direction
  • Help with networking skills – again with no specific direction

  • How do I leverage my current experience and jump to a new industry? (now there’s a loaded question!)

This is really the tip of the iceberg. Of course the pattern is always, no defined, laser- focused direction. The “love” is in the details when it comes to increasing one’s odds of connecting with the people and situations you align or resonate with. It is the details that will create the momentum of creating a work environment that aligns with who we are, what we need and where we truly want to be headed, whether it be a new career entirely, a new business or anything in between. It is in the details

Add the element of ADHD, and you can easily have a head-spinning situation.

How we decide on the direction requires a simple way for us ADHDers to identify and own the details that will start us on a fun and satisfying trajectory. Keep in mind, it may also require help. Most of us have not explored or even identified the details before. I have found this simple structure in the system I have used for 30 years, What Color is Your Parachute? Yes, Parachute.

Our racing minds need a structure to get focused on the details. We often forget about the details, push them to the side or devalue them along the way.

If you have ever asked yourself, “What do I want in a (i.e. partner, house, city, friend etc.), you have completed the first “detail” test. Recognizing what is most important to You in any of these situations increases the likelihood of creating momentum in actually having what you want.

If you have ever completed this process and said to yourself, “OK, so I have all this in writing, but do I really believe I can have what I want?,” you are like 99% of the population. This is the critical critical first step. The same is true for detail identification of what you want in your work life.

I am not talking about your past experience, your strengths and weaknesses or your education. Write down in details what you really want, no matter how uncomfortable you feel, regardless of your past experience. Then look for opportunities that come your way in the form of people, conversations, articles you read, google researches.

Next, pay attention to the details and fill in the blanks. Don’t go to one more interview without them.

For more information on how Parachute can help you leave nothing to chance, identify your true preference details and align with the best possible next career path ever, contact Shell at shell.mendelson@gmail.com or text 830-237-2735.

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