Jul 22


How to Shift the ‘Tude” and Have More Fun In Your Job

2 people arguing and 1 at peace imageI remember when I was in my twenties and I worked for a big corporation as a legal secretary – if you can even imagine an off-the-chart ADDer doing this job in the first place.

After being shuffled around the legal department to various attorneys to see who I might show the most promise with, I ended up with a woman attorney who was three years my senior. 

In the morning she plunked down several personal tasks for me to do like writing her friends’ letters, paying her bills and basically anything but the work I was hired to do. 

Rather than just roll with it, I adopted an adversarial attitude and refused to be her personal assistant.  In reality it really did not matter whether or not I did her personal work.  What mattered was that I had a job in a nice company that paid well and I could actually avoid doing the legal secretarial work I abhorred doing in the first place for a little while.

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