Aug 13

What Creates Inspired Action – A True Story

Below is the result of Jonathan’s Roadmap creation, which he gave me permission to post. After creating his Roadmap, the words began to flow unstoppably!  In fact, this is a very brief version of his actual vision.  He tells me it is four pages long.  And it will continue to be tweaked – forever! As a result, his confidence has soared and he firmly sees himself and his family living this vision (or an ever clearer version of it).

The Vision is only the beginning….what happens after this is taking truly inspired ACTION.  The difference between wheel-spinning action and inspired action is that it is way more fun.

Here is Jonathan in his own truly unique words. Whether or not you can relate to his vision, you will feel the passion:

“We have 100-150 employees

We serve with our Global history trips
Trips done in either the season or the exact anniversary of when the event took place; Stalingrad in the winter, 
the defense of Roark’s Drift in January, the Siege of Gallipoli in the summer, to the Siege of Fallujah in November.
Experts in the various events speak to those who WANT to learn, from biologists to zoologists to anthropologists to human rights activists to historians to veterans to those considered “terrorists” to government officials to people who were forced to live through it (holocaust survivors, WWII occupied French, Vietnam War orphans, Khmer Rouge survivors, Veterans on both sides of the various intifadas, American Indians, Union organizers, Republicans, Democrats, Anarchists)
My clientele are people who WANT to learn, WANT to understand, WANT to avoid making the same damned mistakes.
We work EVERYWHERE we can get access, from government buildings to ancient battlefields to sites of street battles like Five Points to White Chapel, WE. ARE. THERE. We don’t shy from controversy, we don’t sugarcoat SHIT. We tell the TRUTH. As neutrally and fairly as humanly possible, but we tell the truth.

Because I am not in the “History Business”


We have everything from one day seminars to month long investigations. 

We cater to everyone from little kids (6 & up) to…well, however old you can manage to get. We’ll even cater to “Ugly Americans”, though I swear to god I WILL dress you down in front of your kids if you embarrass me in front of the locals, because if you’re the kind of person who says “eeeeew” when presented by a smiling local with something unfamiliar to eat, but obviously made with love, we are NOT your tour company, dude. Nuh uh…

We partner with governments, hotels, bus companies, tour agencies, teachers, all the way down to some lowly local dude with a bunch of donkeys who needs the money to feed his kids.  Because my company is down with the local economy, yo.

If we see an opportunity to do good, by pitching in, we will do everything from milking goats to digging a well, to building an orphanage. Why? Because that’s what my daddy taught me, that’s why, dude. I’m not going to make a profit from the events that happened to you or your ancestors without leaving things better if I can. Which means you (and your kids). Yeah. Even the 6 year old) best learn to wield a shovel and hammer without complaint. WE WILL PUT HAIR ON YOUR KID’S CHEST.



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