Aug 13

What Creates Inspired Action – A True Story

Woman hands stretched out photoYou might be familiar with the term “Compelling Vision”, or creating a compelling vision of your future. 

If you have ever attempted to “visualize” your Compelling Vision before you have a crystal clear direction, you may find it a daunting process. 

In this post, I am sharing the Compelling Vision of my client Jonathan.  If you ask him what it took for him to create this vision, he will tell you that there were a few steps that had to be taken first, because not all of us are blessed with simply knowing.

Yet our visions are within us – always.  Sometimes it takes a bit of focus and a little help to see what is before us.

If you have ever tried to go on a trip (or any unfamiliar destination) and just wing it, yet know that you could save SO much time using a Roadmap, wouldn’t you just use one? 

And where would we be without Google Maps, GPS or any number of programs that help us reach our destination with ease.

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