Jun 20

Tips to Stop Negative Thinking When We Are In the Wrong Job or Career

  1. Negativity CAN be managed.  We all have negative thoughts because most of us were raised with them.  For us Warrior Spirits (ADDers), it’s only natural to go to the dark side because we think so fast and are literally bombarded with thousands of thoughts each minute.
    1. First notice when the a negative thought occurs.  Try noticing for the next hour, or for the next few minutes if you get distracted easily.
    2. When a negative thought comes into your mind, just notice it and wish it well (I know this sounds a bit crazy, but it works).
    3. Then let it go.
    4. Say to yourself – “hmmm that’s interesting” or “there goes another one.” 
    5. Now, you can DECIDE to focus on one thing that makes you feel good, like your supportive spouse, your child’s smile, your friend who is always there to cheer you up, or for the ONE THING you actually enjoy about the work you are doing now, even if it is small, like answering emails or eating at a great restaurant near your place of work.
    6. If that does not work, intensify the thought until it is almost overwhelming and it will dissipate, then send it light and let it go.
    7. Now, think about one good thing about your JOB today – one thing that you like to do and do well.  It does not mean you should stay at that job, just notice the parts of the job, no matter how small, that you actually make work, understand and derive even a small amount of joy or interest.
    8. For at least one hour during the day, focus on the positive aspects of your work or the work you are doing now.  This is not always easy, so take three long breaths in and slowly breathe out and clear your mind.
    9. Here is the most important tip:  STOP BEATING YOURSELF UP.  It does not serve you in the workplace.  These self-attacks only attract more of the same to you. 
    10. Now recognize if there is a difference and express appreciation and gratitude for whatever you can about your work, no matter how small.

Remember, you are in the wrong job if all or most of the bullets at the beginning of this post are true for you.  I used to think I was “stupid” because I could not seem to copy things correctly as a secretary.  But the real truth is that I am brilliant at the work I do now, love it and see it as a gift every day.




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