Jun 20

Tips to Stop Negative Thinking When We Are In the Wrong Job or Career

Stop Sign ImageYesterday, I received an email from one of my clients who was clearly in crisis because he is in the wrong job.  His ADD symptoms continue to spiral out of control and it is impacting not only his work, but those around him.  He is at the beginning of his process and does not see the light at the end of the tunnel yet (but he will). See if this doesn’t resonate with you:


  • You don’t feel as if you “fit it” with your work environment
  • You make mistakes
  • You say the wrong things or you are at a loss for words when you need to speak up
  • You can feel the spiraling effect of those around you losing confidence in your abilities
  • You beat yourself up and “feel stupid” because you just can’t seem to get it “right”
  • You think if you just work harder, everything will work out
  • You are unable to process the information and connect to your job tasks quickly enough
  • You are working in a “cube” and miserable

It is interesting that virtually all of these symptoms either go away or are decreased when we are in the right job or career for us. 

But, if you are in the wrong job and you know in your gut that this is true, here are some tips to help you manage where you are today:

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