Oct 15

Synchronicity and Career ADD

Twilight Zone ImageA few weeks ago I received an email from the “Twilight Zone.”   It read, “Are you the Shelley Mendelson I met in Europe in 1980?  Actually it was 1981, but I digress.  In fact, he was a friend that I had gotten to know while traveling and living in California and came up to visit and “play” a couple of times.  Turns out that I recently looked at the photos I took back in the olden days and perhaps some of the memory cells had drifted out into the universe and caught his attention – who knows.  All I remember is what fun I had.

Being two states away we emailed a few times and then I get this note asking how far I lived from Austin.  Well, I live down the road a piece and let him know.  He said he was flying out the next day for an unrelated event, and maybe we could get together.  Very shortly after that first email, we got together with 32 years of catching up to do.  Lots of cappuccino’s and Sangria.

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