Sep 14

Voices in Our Head – I can’t, I won’t, I shouldn’t

doubtful cartoon character photoIf the voices in our heads were sticks of dynamite, just one us ADDers or otherwise distracted folks could probably blow off the top of Mt Everest.

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Aug 21

The Career and Business Cobbler

peach cobbler and ice cream photoBy now, most everyone knows that retirement from one company in which you start, work your way up, and end up retired with the Golden Parachute no longer exists.  Besides, if you’re an ADDer like me, you would not have the patience to stick with anything that long – at least working for someone else.  

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Aug 11

Why Emotions Are So Important to Discovering Your Abundant Livelihood?

a montage of 4 faces, emotionsIn my first session with new clients, we cover what to expect going forward.  The biggest point I like to make is that of noticing how they are feeling at any given time durng the process of “peeling the onion” and discovering an authentic career/livelihood direction.

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Jul 10

What’s So Focused about Focus?

magnifying glass imageThere is a real learning curve to organizing a video summit like The Focus Blueprint. How else can I say it? It has been one of those projects that has challenged me in new and unique ways, and is now creating a buzz around my tribe (and yours too, I would imagine).

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Jun 16

What is Your Focus Blueprint – Hosting Video Summit


What is really important to Focus on these days?  Why is Focus critical to Our Purpose and Our Livelihoods?  Are we chasing so many shiny objects that we accomplish nothing or very little in the way of navigating new pathways, frontiers and connections that lead us to joyful, happy work that makes a real difference in the world?  Why do we need a Focus Blueprint?

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Jan 24

Your Emotions and Right Livelihood – The Devine Connection

I just finished watching a series of videos by Brendon Burchard, who is a genius and multi-zillionaire in the internet marketing world.  His program is only one example of the “find your passion and make money at it internet business” opportunities to learn how to make a fortune in this industry.  Clearly, these programs are best embraced by entrepreneurs looking to make a killing in this arena, and have a burning desire to do so.  There is no connection to your emotions.  Read on..

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Dec 07


people in an office happyAs I was about to finish a blog post for my website, I saw that I started this post several months ago, but never finished it – or even started it at all for that matter.  So in true ADD form, I got distracted by a shiny object and quickly moved on to another topic.

Nov 12

Steps to Enter Your Inner Career Game

Steps to Inner GameHow often have you heard that defining your career is an inner career game?   If so, or even if you have not, ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you now looking for work out of desperation?
  • Are you more concerned about getting the job just because you have the skills or because the job appeals to you?
  • Are you applying for everything and anything you can put your hands on that you think you may qualify for out of “guilt.”?
  • Are you doing everything that the career gurus say to do (at least the ones you find for free on the internet) to find a job, but feel deep inside that there is something still missing?
  • Did you take their advice, get the job, and once you got there ended up wanting to leave after the first week, month … you get the picture.

If you are buying into the song and dance that “the economy” has something to do with why you may still find pieces missing in the work you are doing, no worries.  There is no mistake that you are reading this now.

This is not an article about how to find your spiritual path.  However, this is an article that will not sugar coat the fact that finding your true career direction – the one that represents who you are as a person and will make you happy, requires going inside for the answers first.  By that I mean allowing yourself to dream the big dream and connect with the part of you that wants to have it all…and defines precisely what that is.

So you may ask yourself (or me), “yes, but what does this have to do with reality.”  My answer? Everything.  Here’s why:  If we are perpetually using the “economy” or some other reason why we are not finding career passion or finding a job at all and blaming others – our boss, our co-workers, our spouses, significant others, etc., too old, not enough education, yes but…, guess what happens?  Correct – we go back to square one.  By defining our dream work from an inner perspective, we are literally creating enormous possibilities that would never have materialized had we not.

Make that shift to knowing our career passions with no doubts and doors begin to open and opportunities abound.

However, I must confess that not everyone is ready in his or her life cycle to make this shift.  It can bring up a host of feelings such as regret, guilt, resistance and even anger at even having to look within for the answers.  Some even give up and go back to the same old same old.  My question to you is, are you ready?

My friend, Michael, is a great example.  I love him dearly.  Yet, he is struggling with returning to a job in the career he is “comfortable” with and, leaving the exact job that has created more grief and disharmony than anyone should have to deal with in a lifetime.  If he returns to this career, he can be assured of experiencing the same challenges and perhaps reaching a breaking point that could have physical repercussions.  We are now working together on a way for him to take the time to do the inner work that will allow joy to come back into his life by creating opportunities for him to do what he is truly meant to do.  It is not surprising that he has Career ADD.  How much he is willing to accept, let go and redefine is up to him.

Here are a few examples of steps you can take to get the inner ball rolling:

  • Relax and decide that you are going to take the time to discover now what you have spent perhaps a lifetime eluding – Career Happiness.
  • Make a list of EVERYTHING in your past jobs that you did not like or that you were resistant to.
  • Include in this list every task, skill, type of people or specific people and why you think you did not resonate with them, working environment (down to the type of chair you sat in), product you were selling or involved with through your work, industry you were in, etc. that made you feel bad.
  • Now take that list and decide what the opposite of each item is for you – in other words what is your PREFERENCE to what you have listed (not necessarily the literal opposite.)  You must be completely honest or this will not work.

Congratulations!  You have begun your inner journey to career happiness.  This will be vital information to use in developing a career direction.  Explore more blog posts on this site for inspiration or contact me directly at to schedule your complimentary session and let’s explore your inner game.

To your joyful livelihood.

Oct 31

The Entrepreneurial ADDer – The Ultimate Freedom

Entrepreneur ImageSo the elephant in the room is that most of my clients with ADD seem to end up creating a business that capitalizes on their authentic gifts in an entrepreneurial capacity.

I have to admit that I have likely been dancing around this fact because I don’t want to give the impression that if you are an ADDer, you must start your own business.  This is absolutely not true.

However, it is more likely than not that you will find your most optimal working conditions to allow for a great deal of flexibility in terms of where you work, the  environment you are in the majority of your day, and the hours you work when you are able to work on your own..

It is also likely that you will not do your optimal best with a micro-manager as your supervisor/boss or where there is so much structure, you must ask for permission to take a break or go to the bathroom.

Given that so many of my clients lean toward self-employment, I am going to list some things to consider before taking this leap. Keep in mind; these are the very first necessary steps before moving into the realm of entrepreneurship.

1.     You are extremely clear about your direction.  I can’t even tell you how many times I have been involved in business training programs with other participants who have, paid good money, yet had no clue about a business direction..  Perhaps they hoped that their direction would emerge during the training.  But the truth is that it is the cart before the horse.  The first thing I have clients do AFTER a clear business direction is defined is to create a Compelling Vision of their business and lifestyle.  Without a clear direction, the vision is generally fuzzy.  Developing a clear direction is a process that requires going deeper on a soul level to arrive at a direction that truly resonates and creates inspiration to take the next step.

Oct 15

Synchronicity and Career ADD

Twilight Zone ImageA few weeks ago I received an email from the “Twilight Zone.”   It read, “Are you the Shelley Mendelson I met in Europe in 1980?  Actually it was 1981, but I digress.  In fact, he was a friend that I had gotten to know while traveling and living in California and came up to visit and “play” a couple of times.  Turns out that I recently looked at the photos I took back in the olden days and perhaps some of the memory cells had drifted out into the universe and caught his attention – who knows.  All I remember is what fun I had.

Being two states away we emailed a few times and then I get this note asking how far I lived from Austin.  Well, I live down the road a piece and let him know.  He said he was flying out the next day for an unrelated event, and maybe we could get together.  Very shortly after that first email, we got together with 32 years of catching up to do.  Lots of cappuccino’s and Sangria.