May 04

The Focus Blueprint – What’s Yours?

magnifying glass image, ADD and careerWhat is really important to Focus on these days?  Why is Focus critical to Our Purpose and Our Livelihoods?  Are we chasing so many shiny objects that we accomplish nothing or very little in the way of navigating new pathways, frontiers and connections that lead us to joyful, happy work that makes a real difference in the world?  Because, let’s face it.  If we haven’t reached that critical point in our personal development and spiritual evolution, there is really nowhere to go to but a J O B.  For many a J O B pays the bills and/or harbors the prospect of a raise of position and money, yet may have absolutely nothing to do with who we really are. Ultimately, our inner being is lost.

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Feb 25

Career Coaching for ADHDers v. Traditional Career Coaching

Why ADHD-Specific Career Coaching Is Vital 

career coachingWhile the value of career coaching is underestimated in our society, the need for it is vital to anyone who is not clearly focused on a direction that resonates with the heart.  That would be something like 70-80% of the world’s population, according to any statistic on the working population unhappy in their careers, businesses or jobs.

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Dec 16

Why ADHD Entrepreneurs Rock and Tips to Stay Focused

In a world of entrepreneurs launching products and services daily, there are certain characteristics that will separate those inspired to “take no prisoners,” and those who fall off the wagon before the wagon even begins to roll.

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Nov 20

Are You Procrastinating on Clarifying A Super-Fun Career or Business Idea?

How long did it really take me to get to this article, let me count the ways. I have finally settled into feeling confident in what I want and need to impart to you.

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Nov 07

Loosen Up and Create a Smile File


Here’s what a Smile File is in a nutshell:  a compilation of any and all things visual, in writing and pictorial, that speak to what you have done in your life that you feel delicious about.  Here are a few examples:

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Oct 27

Some Cool Internet Job Searching Features – Guest Blogger, Job Tonic

In today’s era of rapid development of computer technology and networks, only a small part of the job seekers are looking for job through the print media. Most use modern methods of obtaining accurate and timely information. We are talking about specialized sites as JobTonic with job postings on which there are many offers from employers. Such employment portals allow real-time tracking of new jobs, and you are able to learn about them as soon as possible (for example, by e-mail), sort jobs on various parameters (level of salary, keyword, region).
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Sep 25

DeCluttering with a Bigger Purpose

DeCluttering with a Big Purpose by Shell

disorganized desk photoYes, indeed, there are many many qualified ADHD experts out there who address cluttering with far more expertise and finesse than me. Dana Rayburn and Bonnie Mincu come to mind.Today, however, I want to explore with you how the act of decluttering literally opened up possibilities for an abundant livelihood for me. Here’s how it all began. 

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Sep 14

Voices in Our Head – I can’t, I won’t, I shouldn’t

doubtful cartoon character photoIf the voices in our heads were sticks of dynamite, just one us ADDers or otherwise distracted folks could probably blow off the top of Mt Everest.

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Aug 21

The Career and Business Cobbler

peach cobbler and ice cream photoBy now, most everyone knows that retirement from one company in which you start, work your way up, and end up retired with the Golden Parachute no longer exists.  Besides, if you’re an ADDer like me, you would not have the patience to stick with anything that long – at least working for someone else.  

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Aug 11

Why Emotions Are So Important to Discovering Your Abundant Livelihood?

a montage of 4 faces, emotionsIn my first session with new clients, we cover what to expect going forward.  The biggest point I like to make is that of noticing how they are feeling at any given time durng the process of “peeling the onion” and discovering an authentic career/livelihood direction.

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