Nov 20

Are You Procrastinating on Clarifying A Super-Fun Career or Business Idea?

How long did it really take me to get to this article, let me count the ways. I have finally settled into feeling confident in what I want and need to impart to you.

Do it imageMoving to California has seriously changed my perspective on what is of value or most important in my life. Now it is clearly about enjoying the moments and realizing there is nothing to fix unless I am not happy or on the way to happy.

I am comparing and contrasting my day to day, minute to minute experiences with lightning speed (for me anyway). It is becoming abundantly clear that I am so grateful for what I do for a living and savor the moments I experience in just how amazing it is to work with such brave and committed folks.

For me it is about the personal stories, the variety of personalities, the juiciness of getting to the heart of what really makes folks tick like heavenly interests and higher purpose, even when they tell me they initially have no

clue, and the moment when I get to hear the “ah ha,” that pulls it all together.

I so want that for you all.

First, I want to ask that if you love what you do, you share that with me. You can email me, or comment at the end of the article. I love to hear about cool work/careers that make folks happy to get up on Monday morning or whenever your day begins.

Our tribe is known for getting creative, so I have no doubt that there are some extremely fun careers going on and I want to hear about them and how you got started.

Why do we put off taking action on our own behalf when we do not love what we do? Money? Confidence? Fear of… (fill in the blank)? Obligation? I want to hear it all. I know You know.

The only reason I choose to procrastinate more than I care to admit (yet here I am) is because my reason for doing so is not important enough for me to give it my full attention. I don’t have a big enough “Why” to take action, or I may need to revise my big reason. All I know is that without it, and a deadline, I’m toast when it comes to getting things I don’t want to face right now done.

For us ADDers, ADDish folks, I can’t tell you just how important having a Reason or Why is to give us that proverbial kick in the ass (forgive me for being blunt, but I really need to make this point).

Sometimes that looks like denial, multi-tasking to avoid taking action or simply doing a bunch of other actions that we rationalize are more important. (Jeanie – please add More link here)

Are you sitting at a desk when you really need to be up and about 40% of the day? Is this making you miserable? Are you in a cubicle when you need to have your own office? Are you working with people and secretly wish you could be doing more behind the scenes?

Mostly, are you finding it increasingly more and more annoying to do the simple tasks required of you on the job and making mistakes, getting lectured to more often or perhaps “forgetting” to take care of tasks deemed highly important in your work. Are you on the brink of quitting or getting fired?

If you are procrastinating on taking action to alleviate some or all of the things listed above, try these simple steps today and consider it your kick in the rear:


  • Schedule time to talk to someone you trust. Yes, put it in the calendar.
  • Talk to them about what you are afraid will happen if you leave or take steps to change things up in your current job, career or business.
  • Be so honest that you have the feeling that you have left it all on the table when you are done
  • Talk about what action you plan to take next – one action is really good.
  • Contact Shell and strategize your next steps
  • Take a breath and Know that you will be OK


This is a “for starters,” so know that there is more. It is simply to help you get in the mindset of doing something that makes you feel better about you! You deserve it. And, your positive mindset is Everything.

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