Mid-Career Changers

How many times have you sat at your desk or looked around your work space and said or thought, “What the _____ am I doing here?  This is just not working anymore.”  The research has been documented and is clear on how remaining in a dissatisfying job or career can take a toll on us physically, mentally and emotionally.  Job burnout can lead to a host of ailments (you name it, depression, heart problems and everything in between).  My cousin finally retired from his miserable job, but not before he almost had a heart attack and had to be treated for multiple health problems.  Is this your story?  Or do you simply know it’s time for a change and want a running start before the ____ hits the fan.  Take the time to sort out all of what you want to take from your entire work history, your passions that have been put on hold (or that you get to do on the weekends), everything that is of value to you in terms of your beliefs, the things you value and even the environment you want to spend the majority of your time in each week and the type of people you want to work with and around.

Get the support to make the shift quickly or over a longer period of time. DON’T GO IT ALONE.  NB Careers provides the expertise, experience, guidance, coaching and everything in between to help you gain an entirely new perspective on what career and/or work opportunities are available to you.  It’s fun, it’s exciting…but most of all it’s time to take action.


The Right Career Will Fit You Like a Glove

There is a career that will fit you in a way that may seem unimaginable.  It’s a career that will fill you with excitement and enthusiasm and look forward to every day.  It’s about feeling joy in your ideal work environment, whether it be in an office or in a storefront,  using the talents and skills you were meant to use with the people with whom you are meant to serve.  It’s a combination of every aspect of what makes up your ideal job or work – and it’s always moving and growing.  When it’s the right fit, your career is never static.

Most of us are not trained to choose the right career.  We have no roadmap for making one of life’s most important decisions.  We put less time into deciding what career to choose than we do in choosing the next car or where we will live.  We decide on the college we will attend before we make career decisions even if that college doesn’t offer us what we need to meet our career goals.  Isn’t it worth taking the time to explore who you really are in relation to the world of work and what will ultimately make you happy and fill you with joy.  What other decision is as important as the right career choice.

NB Careers has already helped hundreds of people discover their passions can turn into a brilliant career path.  Whether you are at the beginning of your journey or transitioning to the next phase in your work life, we can help you explore and DEFINE the next step.  Just as you would see a therapist for llfe’s curve balls or challenges, sometimes the issue is about what you do all day earning a living.  Career counselors are similar to therapists, but we focus specifically on your work life.  We can help you carve out the best possible niche for you – one that will take you through life’s transitions easily and naturally.


The Passion to Career System™

Wouldn’t it be amazing to explore career options in a way that supports you to see opportunities meant for you in an entirely new way?  What if you could create a Roadmap that can take you from your first or next career through all the transitions life has to offer you easily and effortlessly?  In five to ten sessions you can.  The following are some of the issues that are covered in the PTCS:

  • Review of your dreams – yes the ones that you’ve been putting on the back burner or have been stuck in your head and had no real voice until now.  It’s time to open the door.  After that, we will get around to looking at what you’ve done in the past.  But in this System, the only parts of your past that matter are those that contribute to doing what you love in the future.
  • Finally by unleashing all the elements of what make up your most ideal career or job we start to move into new territory.  The PTCS coupled with expert insights from your counselor/coach will allow you to view your possibilities from a completely new perspective.  Eye-opening insights that will lead to many “ah ha” moments that cause breakthroughs in discovering your life purpose and ultimately, your life’s work.
  • Using a variety of FUN and interesting ways to access your true preferences (“success leaves clues”) we explore what motivates you to take action – what really drives you.  This is where you begin to build momentum and start to get glimpses of real career options that are just right for you.
  • Exploration of real opportunities where you will learn about and talk to folks who are doing the work you may have secretly thought about since you were a kid.
  • Finally, you get to define the very NEXT STEP you will take on the journey to doing what you love for life … Completing your Roadmap designed to take you through your career life’s twists and turns and transitions.  We are always works in progress and the journey never ends.  It’s exciting and FUN!
  • And here’s the clincher – NO TESTS!  The only “test” we recommend is the Self-Directed Search, which is a quick way to help you get real and/or career job titles after you’ve discovered what might fit.  This tool has been around for years and is not something I developed.  It is simply a resource.  What we do together is personal and individualized for you – one on one, or in a group that is small enough that you will be known, recognized and supported.