Nov 07

Loosen Up and Create a Smile File


Here’s what a Smile File is in a nutshell:  a compilation of any and all things visual, in writing and pictorial, that speak to what you have done in your life that you feel delicious about.  Here are a few examples:

  • a letter of recommendation
  • a picture of you with someone special
  • an article you’ve written that you are proud of
  • a book or ebook you’ve written that you are proud of
  • a picture of a website you created
  • a poem
  • a story
  • anything you have created in visual form like art, furniture, jewelry, masonry, home improvement design, etc
  • any marketing materials you have created that you are proud of
  • notes from other people that say how cool you are
  • creative writing of any kind
  • you get the picture!


Why is it important to start keeping a Smile File?

Simply put, us tribesfolk tend to beat ourselves up a lot.  So much, in fact, that we forget how incredibly cool we really are and how much we have already contributed to the planet.  Our Smile File is the antidote and the proof that we are cool.  

What can we use our Smile File for?

There are many uses for a Smile File (SF).  Think of it as a portfolio similar to what you would create to showcase your wares to a potential client or employer.  In essence, there will be parts of the SF that will be used for just that at some point.  But for now, it is a clear reminder of why you are such a standout in the world today.  Maybe today, that is the only reason you truly need to create the SF.

How do I put my SF together?

Find a “receptacle” that represents you.  For some that might be a simple file folder just to get started.  For others, it might graduate to a more elaborate real portfolio or a fancy binder with plastic inserts or a scrapbook, and a great excuse to go shopping (ok I’m giving myself away here).  Most importantly, get started ASAP by finding something to throw your great SF stuff in. Then pick just one thing and then another when you get inspired to put your great stuff in it.

Or commit to putting one thing a day in it for 3 weeks. You can even decorate your receptical as a project.  Have great fun and make it a family experiment/project.  Why not get your kids started early to create theirs and to celebrate their awesomeness.

Enjoy and please drop me a line and let me know how your SF is coming along and working for you.  I might even post your response in my next newsletter.

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