High School & College Students

  • Are you a high school or college student with a warrior spirit (diagnosed or undiagnosed ADD/ADHD and no plan for or direction for where you want your studies to take you?
  • Did you think your college or high school would provide you with a structure to help you identify a clear career direction and found the support fell short? (Hint – career assessments DO NOT WORK)
  • Would you like to be guided to know with crystal clarity how to insure that college or other types of training will support you completely toward your dreams of the very best career FOR YOU?

Unless you were born knowing what career choice is your passion, making a life decision before you get to college or even in your freshman and sophomore years can be daunting.  Where to begin when there are so many options and opportunities.  Is college even the best decision for you when there are other ways to get the training and grooming you need to feel passionate about a career direction and do the work you love?  And, then there is the decision about what college to attend, let alone what to major in.  No wait, that’s actually backwards. Knowing or identifying what the direction that truly is meant for you FIRST makes the decision to choose a college much easier.

Here is one student who chose her college based on defining her career direction.

“I really feel like doing the career finder activities with you was great for me. I know that this sounds REALLY corny … my passion for film was sort of revitalized (not that it needed much of that, but still) and I’m gonna do everything I can to follow some sort of career involved in the film industry. Thanks so much.” ~Devin B, age 18, New Braunfels, TX

Don’t go it alone. School counselors and even your career center director do not provide the kind of in-depth exploration on a personal level that is needed for you to truly make this critical decision – one that will impact you for many years to come. It’s not that they don’t want to help you.  It’s that they simply do not have the time to devote to each student. And, the price for not doing this work could be spending up to two extra years in college instead of 4 because you had to keep changing majors when you finally learned that the direction you were taking was not what you expected.  Unfortunately, this translates to thousands and thousands of dollars you could have saved by simply knowing in advance and feeling confident in choosing the right college major or identifying the best possible training. And who wants to be in debt for an education that was not productive.  OK, the good news is for less than the price of ONE CLASS, you can define your goals and invest in yourself.  And, it’s fun because it’s all about you.