Visionary Execs & Entrepreneurs

  • Are you a visionary executive or entrepreneur and you and trying to figure out where to put all that creative energy?  Take a breath – help is here. 
  • Are you diagnosed (or not) with ADD and have a warrior spirit that needs to come out and play in the work you do?  You are in the right place
  • Are you trying to decide if you should return to Corporate America in a position that is more in line with what excites you, the Passion to Career™  process will provide the “structure” you need to define who you really are and the steps you need to get there.  

If you have the entrepreneurial bug and want to explore business opportunities that you can get involved in and are in line with your life purpose, explore possibilities that are limitless.  It’s all about pushing the boundaries of what you might think is possible.  You will be encouraged to grow and explore despite limiting beliefs around career or business.  Whether in a one-on-one session or in a group, you are likely to develop an entirely new perspective on your career, next business or opportunity.  Invest in you!


“I just spoke with Shell during a 30 minute consultation – one of the best investments of my time I have ever had! Shell intuitively helped me identify my personal career/life situation. I am amazed at the knowledge and skill she demonstrated, shedding a light on issues I have dealt with for years. 

I encourage anyone who has struggled with career satisfaction and ADD (you may not realize you have it) to take Shell up on her 30 minute consultation offer (it’s free). I am looking forward to working with Shell and getting back on track. I cannot recommend Shell highly enough.”  Kurt Boyle