May 08

Excel In Career and Life with ADHD

A Few Career Fields of Fascination that Can Be Magical To Us

Excel in Career and life with ADHD imageSome of our peers in the workplace may view ADD/ADHD as a curse, placing us at a disadvantage because we may not always methodically perform otherwise menial tasks.  Depending on the career path, though, some may say the opposite: that ADHD can be an advantage, or simply compliment our brain’s activity better than others.  Here are some examples of how this statement may hold some truth, and maybe inspire you, if you or someone you know is struggling to find peace with ADD/ADHD in the workplace.

Thirst for Knowledge

People with ADHD need freedom.  We don’t always work well in confined spaces and take a linear path in life.  We might find something interesting, and a proverbial light turns on in our mind and we instantly get excited, wanting more stimuli and more information about the focus of our interest.

This makes careers that involve discovery and research, like journalism, science, technology, and history very easy, in most cases, and can turn an overactive mind into a giant sponge that can do a day’s worth of work in mere hours.        

A Valuable Asset for Creative Fields

Career success stories for ADD/ADHDers aren’t just limited to the arts, although this is the most apparent and observable field of success.  When you look at many fast-paced career fields that require lots of multi-tasking and fast adaptation to your environment, you start to see that many people who work in areas of sales or motivational coaching often exhibit traits of ADD/ADHD.

They say that getting people’s attention is the most valued commodity nowadays, in this age of information and instant-access.  That means people who work in sales must understand how to capture the attention of someone with no idea about who you are, what you want, and why you’re important.  Anyone with ADD/ADHD knows the importance of grasping an idea or message in as little time as possible, before all is forgotten.  Another gift.

Thinking Different

Just because you’re a little quirkier than your friends or colleagues, doesn’t mean you are any less efficient.  You just need to find a space that compliments your strengths and weaknesses, as with anyone else in a challenging skills-based market.  Our ADD or ADHD presents new challenges, but also opportunities.

Unconventional learning brings unconventional wisdom; this unique life experience gives us a fresh look at problems, which most fail to recognize.  Many scholars and entrepreneurs don’t even face half the adversity the average person with ADD/ADHD experiences.  This type of road-tested personality is exactly what employers and investors are looking for, yet might be held-back by stereotypes or inexperience with the ADD/ADHD “label.”

So, at the end of the day, it all comes down to the classic metaphor we all hear too often: is your wine glass half full or half empty?  Our ADD/ADHD could be a curse, but it can also be a blessing, if you learn to harness and market your talents.


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