For Young Adults, College Grads and Adults with ADHD

Individual Career Coaching – ask about monthly rates

Focused Brainstorming 

Organization/Productivity Coaching – on-the-job and personal 


NEW SERVICE – Organizing/Productivity Coaching

This is a new service that will absolutely change your life. Now you can take baby steps to feeling the freedom that accompanies managing all your “stuff.”  Shell can help you de-clutter and organize, and be free to attract possibilities and productivity on and off the job, and in all areas of life. Decluttering coupled with Career Coaching = Huge results – more ideas, clearer focus on career direction, energy to take inspired action to reach your goals.  


Career Coaching for ADHD/non-ADHD adults – Making a Clear Choice


Get the support you really need to make a career shift that will stick because you will focus on tasks that you love to do in a great field.  Shell provides the expertise, experience, guidance, coaching and everything in between to help you gain an entirely new perspective on how career and/or work opportunities are easily accessible using her systematic approach.  It’s fun, it’s exciting…but most of all it’s time to take action. 

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Group Coaching – online and locally in Sacramento, CA TBD


Shell Mendelson has already helped hundreds of people discover their passions can turn into a brilliant career path. She now specializes in working with young adults and adults with ADHD – a particularly personal niche since being diagnosed in 2008.  

Whether you are at the beginning of your journey or transitioning to the next phase in your work life, we can help you explore and DEFINE the next step.  Just as you would see a therapist for llfe’s curve balls or challenges, sometimes the issue is about what you do all day earning a living.  Career counselors are similar to therapists, but we focus specifically on your work life.  We can help you carve out the best possible niche – one that will take you through life’s transitions easily and naturally.

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