Oct 31

The Entrepreneurial ADDer – The Ultimate Freedom

2.     You have defined a niche that sets you apart from others in your field or business space.   Identifying a niche is one of the most challenging decisions for new entrepreneurs.  Why?  Because it often means focusing on one group or type of potential customer base, which can feel limiting at first.  In fact, a niche will set you apart from others who are in your business space which makes you more likely to be the “go to” expert in one (or two) areas. Once you have established your niche and your business is established, the door will open to others outside your niche,.  This takes time and patience, but the ultimate pay-off is worth it.  My niche is working with ADDers, and I also work with non-ADDers as I have for over 20 years.  My niche has opened me up to so much more, including, but not limited to the amazing ADD/ADHD community of professionals.

3.     You have the support of your family, friends and a business, career or ADD coach to guide you.  Going it alone is for the birds.  It simply doesn’t work.  Having the support of family and friends is critical, not only from the perspective of others believing in you, but also because your family and friends will likely see that there might be a few lifestyle changes in the beginning while your business is getting off the ground.  These can include less family time, and less coming in financially.  By the same token, working with a coaching professional during this critical time is essential to keep the pace, keep you moving forward while navigating and negotiating life’s challenges that can throw you off course.

4.     You are beyond excited about your new venture and ready to work hard, perhaps harder than you have ever worked before.  The key is that you are having fun too.  This should go without saying, although some folks may push themselves to go into starting a business before being truly inspired to do so.  This can lead to early burnout, lack of planning and huge financial loss if there is no real passion behind the venture.  It is truly the passion that makes all the hard work fun and often exhilarating.  If these ingredients are not present, perhaps it is time to re-think. No matter what you decide, enjoy your ultimate freedom in whatever you do..

Taking the leap to entrepreneurship can be one of the most thrilling decisions.  Whether or not you are an ADDer, considering the above checklist is critical.  If you would like to discuss further, please email me at shell@passiontocareer.com or text me at 830-237-2735 and we can set up a complimentary session to evaluate your situation.



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