Jan 24

Your Emotions and Right Livelihood – The Devine Connection

I just finished watching a series of videos by Brendon Burchard, who is a genius and multi-zillionaire in the internet marketing world.  His program is only one example of the “find your passion and make money at it internet business” opportunities to learn how to make a fortune in this industry.  Clearly, these programs are best embraced by entrepreneurs looking to make a killing in this arena, and have a burning desire to do so.  There is no connection to your emotions.  Read on..

There are also folks like Jennifer Grace who inspires us to create a beautiful, life-affirming businesses with her program designed to connect us with our Life Purpose, and again make a fortune doing so.  There are, of course, many others. 


Your Emotions Ahead

What many internet programs lack are the challenges that we all have moving through barriers to creating career happiness and living our purpose through the work we do, no matter how we decide to do it. 

Our emotions will lead us astray when we listen to what others think, what we think when fear of any kind enters our mind and/or bodies.  Our emotions turn to Fear and stop us.  Fear may feel like anxiety, dread, depression, heaviness or feeling paralyzed.  Fear can reside in our minds and in our bodies.  For me, when it is present, it often sits in my solar plexus, heart and throat.  Fear is a dream-stealer.

So now is the time to make the connection to how fear controls our lives and what it feels like when it is present.  Where in your body do you physically feel fear?  Think about something that scares the bejeebers out of you, but somehow you know that it is important to do.  An example would be to leave a toxic job, starting a new venture that you are being called to start, signing up for a volunteer position or taking a stand for a cause you really believe in.  You do know!

When you can first recognize the fears that are preventing you (and me) from stepping out of your comfort zone to do what you know you really want to do, you have taken the first step.  This can mean simply owning that the fear and the desire are present.

I challenge you to take this first step.  Please email me or comment below if you are so moved.

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