Apr 10

Career Uncertainty (Certainty) in Today’s Climate

finding career passionDisclaimer: This is not a political article. It is an article of hope and clarity.

How many times have you heard stories about folks who thrive during the darkest times in our history – 2008 economic crash perhaps comes to mind. There were companies and individuals who lost their shirts. Then there were individuals and companies who not only survived the “crash”, but went on to take the world by storm. What made the difference?

Today, many of us are asking these questions. And, what will always prevail is that we are in charge of our own lives. The thoughts we think, our past beliefs, our current behavior and actions will “dictate” what happens next for us and for those around us. If we lose our focus, we bring all the repercussions along for the ride. It starts within.

By now the “blame game” has become commonplace. We spend inordinate amounts of time expressing our views (me included) on social media in outrage and frustration or simply to distract ourselves from the truth of what is going on in the world. But when you consider 1) the time spent, and 2) the outcome, would it simply make more sense to invest in a journal or a notebook and extract those feelings daily, leaving the world to sort out its differences?

Creating a Career We Love – Regardless of the “Climate”

Despite what you or anyone around you says or thinks, it is more important than ever to pull back and self-reflect to thrive in today’s career/work environment. There are opportunities for you to love what you do no matter what the political or social climate. Grab a piece of paper and write down your thoughts on the following questions.

  1. Does my work environment, including the people around me decrease my stress and/or bring me joy?
  2. Do you enjoy your work despite today’s climate.
  3. Does your work provide a respite to get away from it all?
  4. Do the tasks you perform each day give you pleasure/joy/satisfaction?
  5. Do you worry about how the current political climate will impact your job/career?
  6. Have you been considering a career change, but fear that doing so will jeopardize your family or your personal stability as a result of the current political climate?

finding career passionThe old adage, help yourself first before you try and help others is perfect to revisit. And, with ADD, it is easy enough for us to get off-track and distracted when it comes to taking care of our personal career goals or to even claim them. Stay focus, get clear, take care of numero uno first. By doing so, you will serve all.

For more information about how Shell can help you stay focused on your career and thrive, email shell.mendelson@gmail.com or go to www.shellmendelson.com/ and complete the pop up info. Let’s discuss your answers to these questions. I look forward to serving you.

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