Feb 25

Career Coaching for ADHDers v. Traditional Career Coaching

Why ADHD-Specific Career Coaching Is Vital 

career coachingWhile the value of career coaching is underestimated in our society, the need for it is vital to anyone who is not clearly focused on a direction that resonates with the heart.  That would be something like 70-80% of the world’s population, according to any statistic on the working population unhappy in their careers, businesses or jobs.

And you know who you are…

Few people take the time to evaluate, research or, most importantly, emotionally connect with a direction that will stand the test of time.  This includes work that inspires enthusiasm, bucks boredom, and creates avenues and the desire for expansion into new and exciting areas over a lifetime.

Given how much time we spend each week on work-related tasks, a healthy lifestyle for all of us would include a joyous, fun and exciting career.

So why is it we give so little personal development or spiritual exploration to our work life before committing to a college major, job of any kind, career or business?

Never is this emotional/spiritual (and yes practical) work life exploration more important than to the ADHD community.

I say this with absolute certainty not only from the perspective of my own ADHD, but from a complete list of possible characteristics that may lead to an ADHD diagnosis.

Ask anyone with ADHD (or yourself) how they are doing, in general, if they are not satisfied with his/her work on a daily basis.

Happiness or enjoyment in the workplace, no matter the location, is a necessity.  It is NOT a luxury, as many of us may have been led to believe if we are diagnosed or undiagnosed with ADHD.

With ADHD, our confidence and self-worth may feel crushed if we have nothing to look forward to each day.  Co-workers, family and friends may feel the impact.

Are you getting this?

If you are in this position and afraid of the cost to get help creating real work possibilities that make your heart sing, how much has it actually cost you up to this point?

  • In college tuition and expenses?
  • In lost revenue from careers that didn’t pan out or job hopping?
  • In lost revenues from getting fired over and over?
  • On therapy to manage the stress caused by the wrong job or career?
  • On medications to manage the stress?
  • On ADHD coaching in a job that you were not meant to be in to begin with, yet you continue to try and make it fit.

Make a list?  How much did meaningless college courses cost you? What else?

The Real Difference between Career Coaching for ADHDers and Non-ADHDers

Below are a few of the differences.  You will know the significance of these differences if you have ever asked yourself these questions, “Why do I feel different or the odd person out,” “Why don’t my family, friends or coworkers ‘get me’?”, “Why can’t I seem to do this simple job without getting fired, called on the carpet or worse?”, “Why can’t I figure this out?”

  • The overall structure of career coaching/counseling is the same – the work the same.
  • The processes utilized during coaching are specific to ADHDers re:
    • overwhelm
    • anxiety
    • pacing
    • assignments
    • emotional response at various points during coaching
    • reminders and reframing often of what has been accomplished
    • focus on less “slippage” into old patterns of thinking and beliefs about the right career for YOU!
  • Taking ADHD into account more often than not requires a longer period of time to strengthen the overall career-related foundation and keep you happily moving forward
  • A clear, specific and realistic plan to accomplish the goal of reaching the career direction is developed and ADHD specific
  • Specific support is more directed toward ADHD characteristics.
  • You feel heard and understood in a way that you may never have felt before from a coach who has been there and manages challenges daily

If any of this resonates with you, you can contact me directly for a no cost 30-45 minute consultation and finally know with certainty how you can clarify a happy, long-lasting career that is compatible with your unique characteristics.



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