Jul 17

Authentic YOU Career Tips

“How to Secure a Promotion”

The number one question I would ask myself before giving consideration to investing time and energy in preparing to approach an employer concerning a promotion would be:

  1. Do I enjoy the majority of tasks I perform daily?
  2. Do I love what I do and do I want to do more or something completely different simply because it involves my money?
  3. Why do I want the promotion- in detail.
  4. Do the people around me contribute to my well-being in terms of how much I enjoy this position and, in turn, how well I perform?
  5. Do I really want to work here for more than a few months or perhaps a year or longer?  If I do not intend to stay longer than a few months, would it make sense to ask for a promotion?
  6. Would a promotion contribute to my own joyful livelihood in areas other than a raise of income?

In other words, instead of asking the “what’s in it for me?” question from the employer’s perspective, I would spend time clearly identifying “What’s in it for me?  based on my own preferences and what makes me happy.  Once you have asked yourself the hard questions about whether or not a promotion would contribute to the well-being of you and your family and it looks like the next logical step, your preparation is much easier and should result in success. You can Google the topic and get many opinions on the same topic.

It is not just about impressing your higher ups – it is about impressing YOU first.  You can take the emotional test and get quiet for a minute, take three long breaths in, holding to the count of four and breathe out slowly.  Now revisit the idea of seeing yourself in the position.  What is the feeling?  Is it excitement, sadness, dread, anxiety etc.  Pay attention to how it feels in your body, and be honest with yourself.  Then ask yourself the deeper questions – like why do I feel this way.  Allow the answer to come from inside and try not to censor it, but listen.  Then see if you still want to go for the promotion.

Much advice is given about how to step up and climb the ladder – but what if you want more  out of your work and climbing the ladder makes no sense for your personality, won’t allow you to use the skills you were meant to use and to serve in a way that brings out the best in you and others.  How often have employees been promoted only to learn that they were not suited to the job at all?  Perhaps the next step is to go out on your own, or to work in an entirely new field and use the skills you have come to love using, or to start a new business.  If you are getting antsy to do more, go for clarity.

“Qualities Employers Look For”

I would simply turn this question around and ask “What are the qualities I look for in an employer, the company, the work environment, the people, and every other possible question you can v. determining if you simply fit in or fit the job description (loosely).  By turning it around, you are not at the mercy of what is up on the online job boards, the newspaper or the only companies around hiring this week.  The key again is CLARITY.  With clarity comes far more in the way of possibilities and opportunities.  Seek out industries that you are attracted to (i.e. health, the arts, technology, etc).

The rule of thumb is always this:  go for CLARITY (did I say that?).  Be willing to ask yourself the hard questions and value who you are and what is important to you before considering what your employer needs.  In doing so you will serve you, your family, your employer, those your business serves and the world.  It is always a win-win.

For ADDers

Although this is advice I would give any career client, for you this approach is more than just a given – it is essential to your well-being to the core. 






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