Jul 17

Authentic YOU Career Tips

Young lady imageI used to write for a popular online Career site, and may go back to doing so one day.  The site has career practitioners from the Career industry such as job search coaches, career counselors and coaches, resume writers, interview coaches, etc.  I still receive updates daily with typical titles like “How to Secure a Promotion” and “Qualities Employers Look For.”

I thought I’d write a bit about how I would approach these topics from the perspective of using an “Authentic YOU,” inside-out approach.  I’m going to add a disclaimer here – I purposely did not read these articles beyond the first couple of paragraphs, and in no way am making light of any of these topics or of the authors.  I have nothing but the greatest respect for others in my field who daily make important contributions to the lives of those in a career quandary or who need additional support.

Using the titles listed above; here is my take on how I would approach each topic from the “inside-out”:

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