Jul 10

What’s So Focused about Focus?

magnifying glass imageThere is a real learning curve to organizing a video summit like The Focus Blueprint. How else can I say it? It has been one of those projects that has challenged me in new and unique ways, and is now creating a buzz around my tribe (and yours too, I would imagine).

My tribe is the ADD community of experts and followers of experts and just folks out there doing life, following their dreams, or … not so much but in process.

So when we think of Focus, we are all abuzz with questions like “how do I stay focused,” “what’s so important about having it?,” and maybe, “what do I really need to focus on because it’s all too over-the-top.”

I chose The Focus Blueprint theme to inspire my own followers to learn from experts out there in the world making it happen, and specifically, how to create an abundant livelihood or work aligned with our true purpose. Because that’s the one thing that us ADDers either massively fail or succeed in, with very little gray area.

To my own delight, there is a deep thread of spirituality woven throughout this Summit. Because we tribes folk need to breath more, relax, allow ourselves to regroup before impulsivity pushes us back to square one. But most of all, we want to connect to the Big One – the Source. Yes, I’m still working on it.

The experts seem to shout from the rooftops how important it is to meditate or to do something that slows us down a bit. Whether it’s in our minds or in our bodies, as we move around endlessly trying to get stabilized, tapping our fingers, adjusting our glasses, changing positions, endlessly changing positions.

But the one thing that seems to hold us back are the nonstop voices telling us we can’t do it, we won’t make it, we’re not good enough, or we’ll screw it up if we try. Oh, and then there’s the P word – procrastination. Holy Shit! Get off the couch and do something,” we tell ourselves. “What have you been doing for the past two hours?” And…I can’t remember.

So focus is a really good topic. Because in all of the conversations I had with these amazing folks, a few of them are going to resonate with you, maybe all of them. This, I know.

There’s the talk with the ADHD Superhero, Stacey Turis, who found her career/business/work groove by just being unabashedly herself. I swear, everytime I read one of her posts on Facebook, I’m in hysterics. I guess 188,000 followers agree because she has the largest tribe of ADDers in the world hanging on her every post, not to mention her support groups.

Never have the words, “Be who you are,” rung so true. Stacey takes “full disclosure” to a new level. I’m not sure I’m ready to go quite the distance as she has (ahem), although I’m getting inspired to do more of it. But in her own unique and powerful way, she is living the dream of just being Stacey. How cool is that? Now that’s abundant livelihood!

The other experts are no less amazing, open and gifted.

In my own interview, I’ve come clean about my departure from my company KidzArt. There was a moment in the interview where I knew it was right to tell the truth. I have no regrets and I’m honored to share that information because I know that it will help other ADD professionals who have questioned themselves in their careers and businesses.

And for those ADDers who are still trying to figure out what creating an abundant livelihood looks like for them, my story is no different than any other workplace issue with many of our tribesfolk. It always comes down to defining who you are and what looks and feels the best in any type of work environment. Or…wreak havoc on Everyone!

So, here’s my suggestion. If you are still contemplating signing up for The Focus Blueprint Summit, www.thefocusblueprint.com, it is not too late. Your videos will start from Day 1 with Stacey Turis.

The feedback so far has been so heartwarming and uplifting.

Loved doing my part for the tribe.

Yours in abundant livelihood,
Shell Mendelson

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