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New: Help Your Young Adult Son/Daughter Find Clarity and Focus in their Career while still in college or upon graduation


“…with Shell, in my opinion, you get an amazing intuitive,
creative and knowledgeable professional backing your career
journey and helping you over all those hurdles…” Jill Mack

Know your clear and powerful career direction and

    create abundance now!

Shift your mindset easily and minimize career


Learn the secrets to using ADD/ADHD to grow, change or

    expand your business or career.

Create an easy to follow STEP BY STEP Road Map to

    your future career path

About Shell Mendelson, MS


Diagnosed with ADD (inattentive) in her mid-50’s, Shell experienced the ultimate in career and business success, had it all taken away, and was fired from jobs that she was capable of doing but did not love in her twenties.

Shell now lives to serve ADD/ADHD career changers and transitioners who have experienced set-backs, frustration, confusion, procrastination, lack of clarity, boredom, impatience, lack of consistency and focus, to love and own an authentic livelihood. How would it feel to enjoy your work 85% or more of the workday?  We spend too much of our day at work not to love that precious time.   

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Shell shares her special gifts and the extraordinary
No. 1 Career Coaching System designed to:

Message Stones

              • Create a Clear Direction for your Career and/or Business that will attract the right customers and/or the right career opportunities for you
              • Support your growth from being stuck to taking inspired action
              • Create serious choices where you may have thought there were none
              • Provide unprecedented support and mentoring to reach your goals and milestones
              • Finally know what you are suppose to be doing to serve the world in a powerful way aligned with your Life ‘s Purpose.

Shell intuitively helped me identify my personal career/life situation. I am amazed at the knowledge and skill she demonstrated, shedding a light on issues I have dealt with for years. I am looking forward to working with Shell and getting back on track. I cannot recommend Shell highly enough.”   Kurt Boyle

    Now GET:

open doorway

                  • Focused
                  • A Simple System based on What Color Is Your Parachute
                  • Support
                  • Inspiration to take action
                  • Open doors to a lifetime of possibilities
                  • Just enough structure to safely explore livelihood possibilities while receiving the support that creates result
                  • A new mindset shift that equates to a livelihood that aligns with your Soul and creates opportunities that are real  and profitable.

“The clarity I already have is amazing! From one phone call!” Anetta R.

“I was at a crossroads career-wise, and realized I was tired of not doing a job that I thoroughly enjoyed and that lined up with my passions. After being referred to career counseling with Shell, I immediately contacted her and started my first session that same week. It was very nice to talk to a professional counselor about my passions and wishes and to see how they lined up with finding a new job. Shell was very encouraging and supportive throughout my sessions. I was able to leave with a clearer picture of what I should be doing and how I should go about making it happen. I am excited about what is next for me in a career and I have a lot to thank Shell for that. Thank you.”  Brittney Feltmann, New Braunfels, TX [important][/important]